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Vaping is a lifestyle.

Our mission is to change the world for the better by helping more people to switch to vaping.

Quality and consistency is the trademark of Fox’s Fog Factory. We take making your favorite E-liquid flavors very seriously because we love vaping as much as you do. Fox’s Fog Factory premium American-made E-liquid is designed to exceed industry standards for quality, safety, and flavor.

From the novice to social vape lover to the full blown enthusiast we provide premium, mouth watering flavors. If you want to blow the thickest puffy-white clouds of vapor at comps and/or satisfy your nicotine cravings Fox’s Fog Factory is what you need.

All of our flavors are created with the highest quality ingredients and our recipes are carefully executed in our state of the art ISO 6 Clean Room. Every bottle of our E-liquid comes with best-by dating, trackable lot numbering, and child-resistant caps.



A Thirst Quenching Blast of Mango Mixed with Orangade



A Mix of Ripe Blueberries with Gooey Marshmallow on top of a Crispy Graham Cracker



Our take on a classic banana split with Vanilla Ice Cream, Strawberries, Fresh Bananas and a Chocolate Drizzle




A Crisp Crunchy Lemon Cookie, Creamy Smooth Vanilla Notes with the perfect balance of Sweetness!